Garden trends this season

Outdoor living (garden-tainment)

People love to bring the party outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful landscape here in Queenstown. Funky outdoor planters, lighting and cushions can really make an outdoor space fun and inviting! An outdoor fireplace or fire pit are other great additions. 

Aromatic pathways 

A fragrant garden can be very relaxing and indulges the senses! Use lavender, rosemary and thyme to line the sides of your paths and give your garden that gorgeous mediterranean look and smell.   

 Rustic garden 

It's okay to shun perfection! Use old railway sleepers to create raised garden beds, steps or other structural elements in your garden. Recycle old wine barrels to use as citrus planters and accessorise the space by hanging vintage looking garden tools on your fence or wall. Experiment with different types of pots or planters, they don't have to be the same shape, colour or material. Your garden is your chance to express your personality and have fun!


Herbs are becoming more and more popular as we become increasingly creative and confident in the kitchen. Peppermint was great for those summer mojitos but as the days become cooler we turn to herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano to complement our autumn and winter cuisine. Plant in a raised bed or in terracotta pots if you want the versatility of moving them around. 

Frog in Your Garden can help you with all or any of the above and much more!